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Our Mission

FORMPRO‘s mission is to provide a full range of special fastening systems and related services to many small and growing businesses in Central and Eastern Europe.

We want to establish ourselves as a FULL-SERVICE PROVIDER that interconnects customer needs with manufacturers of existing catalogue products or new products tailored to our customers’ specific needs.

We specialize in distributing the fastening systems made by A.RAYMOND for the segment of small and growing businesses, yet we also offer a wide range of added-value services, such as:

Optimizing special fastening system solutions by designing customized solutions
JIT deliveries
Spare part deliveries and more

We have been present in the market for several years as an official distributor of components manufactured by A.RAYMOND. We have extensive know-how in fastening systems and their applications. We can offer our customers a wide range of fastening systems built on the basis of A.RAYMOND’s solutions, whether standalone or combined with third-party products.

We pursue what we believe. We are driven by a motivation to constantly improve.



We do not present ourselves as a manufacturer; rather, we do business as a provider of comprehensive services ranging from design to delivery and after-sales services such as spare part procurement. 

We are a connecting link between manufacturers, primarily A.RAYMOND, and customers. We can find a fastening solution using special fastening materials that have a wide range of applications, primarily in the automotive industry and other industries. These applications include, in particular, use for cabling, panels, hoses, pipes, lining, packing based on the use of plastic and metal fastening systems supplied by A.RAYMOND. If there is no suitable catalogue solution, then in cooperation with A.RAYMOND or other partners we can design, develop and deliver a specific solution to your needs.


Apart from supplying specific parts and components, we also provide a wide range of services  in logistics and supply chain. We can arrange for the storage, repacking, relabeling, long-term warehousing of spare parts, special packaging or labeling, part sorting, transportation including JIT delivery etc. We can arrange the entire supply chain throughout the entire product lifecycle.


We have our own development capacities and, at the same time, closely cooperate with the Development department of A.RAYMOND so that we are able to supply to our customers existing catalogue parts as well as new, innovative products that will be the result of cooperation among our customers, us and our suppliers. As a part of product development, we can diagnose and identify suitable solutions on our customers’ premises to optimize their processes, propose the use of existing products, develop and prepare prototypes of new products, and implement mass product delivery processes.


Our company was established based on the experience and knowledge of market needs of  Agentura Promotion v.o.s., which had been active from 1995 in marketing and promotion. Our mission is to extend our services with professional consulting, service and customer solutions. We are currently looking for a partner to better utilize our free capacities in terms of storage space, operation and handling services.


We can adapt our thinking and conduct to be able to cope with changing conditions and situations.


Our team of professionals enables us to respond quickly.

Personal approach

Every person is a personality, and every personality has their own ideas and visions.

Knowledge of the Czech market

Long years of experience in the Czech and Slovak markets



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511 01 Turnov
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+420 602 401 500
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